Awakening the Sacred Feminine: A Retreat for Women’s Empowerment, Healing & Creativity

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AWAKENING THE Divine FEMININE:A Retreat for Woman’s Empowerment, Healing and Creativity –

Join Lin as she immerses participants in creative activities inspired by diverse myths, legends, history and Bible stories about one of the most mysterious woman in the New Testament. This is NOT a Bible study event, and women of all faiths (not just Christians) –even non-believers– can enjoy and benefit from this weekend. We focus on the strong female archetype of Mary Magdalene, with a desire for balancing male and female energies and a goal of healing and empowerment through exercising our imaginations. And it is, of course, an invitation to enhance your creativity while gathering with sister writer/artists, which is always fun! (NOTE: We are ALL artists, whether we know it yet or not.)

Through journaling, visual art and other media, women will deepen their connection with their Inner Divinity (or Muse) while learning about a woman who would not be erased from history despite a male hierarchy’s attempts to do so. We’ll explore traditional lore, historical facts and mysterious myths surrounding the Magdalene, going steps further as we apply them to our own lives, getting better acquainted with our deeper selves in mind, body and spirit.

Bring a journal, writing instrument and an open heart. Expect workshops, plus lots of sharing (optional) and some personal retreat time. No previous creative writing or visual art experience needed. Commuters welcome!

Possible (not required) reading before attending, for a better perspective on MM beforehand – you’ll see how we got excited with:
* The Woman with the Alabaster Jar: Mary Magdalene and the Holy Grail by Margaret Starbird
*  Mary Who? Searching for the Historical Mary Magdalene by Dr. James Gardner
* The Moon Under Her Feet, a novel by Clystra Kinstler
* The Maeve Chronicles, a series of 4 novels by Elizabeth Cunningham
* The Magdalene Line, a series of 3 novels by Kathleen McGowan






Lin Murphy, MA is on the cutting edge of the  women’s spirituality movement. She is taking a stand for women everywhere. She has gone through a deep process of self-discovery and purification through the Pathwork, a contemporary spiritual path.  She is an agent of Conscious Evolution, a Life Coach and circle facilitator.