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Spring , New Beginnings and Beltane

It’s finally warming up after a very long cold winter here in the Northeast.  The days are longer and we’re waking to birdsong in the morning. Exhale! Ahhh!  We are all tired of winter and sick of bad news. I for one, want to celebrate life.
I’m touching base to let you know about some of
my Spring buds and am curious what is emerging through you this Spring?

I recently returned from California where I did a private retreat with Devaa Haley Mitchell, founder of the Shift Network. I’ve been taking courses with the Shift since the beginning,  I’m a lifelong learner and these are some of my heroes and heroines.  If you’ve never heard of the Shift, it’s an online “university” with tons of classes to choose from with all of the major spiritual teachers of our time at a very reasonable cost.
Check it out here:.

Spring is a good time to set intentions, manifest desires and launch new projects
I also want to tell you about a community fire ceremony coming up that I will be hosting called Beltane.
Finally, I will be starting up my yoga class at the Saratoga Senior Center again after a winter break.

Since it is my mission to help you to unleash your true nature and align with the sacred flow of life, I’d like to share a bit more about this auspicious time.
This is a time to align with your true purpose.
To SURRENDER  and get out of the way.  To align your energy with your soul.  It’s not about making lists, but allowing life to flow through you.
It’s important to get unconsious stuff out of the way. Aires is masculine, fiery, passionate energy coming through us, rather than the logical, thinking, ego mind. It is an opportunity to declare ourselves.


It is time to bring back the balance of the sacred feminine and sacred masculine.  To reconnect with Mother Earth, Mother Goddess, the rhythms of the earth and our own natural rhythms.
To draw your own worth from deep within rather than letting the world decide for you.
To lead from the intelligent, intuitive heart.
To know who you are with conviction and to live your life in complete alignment and service to THAT.
The only way to heal the world around us to first heal ourselves.

Dear ones, what I’d like to say to you is open your wings and discover new worlds-  inner worlds and outer worlds.
Ask:  What is it I came here to experience?  What is my purpose here on earth?  What are my next steps.  These are the kinds of questions to ask during this season.
Set intentions for your highest good and everyone else’s highest good.

My intention is to honor the Divine feminine within and the Earth Mother herself.

What is Beltane?

Beltane is one of the high holy days of the Celtic Wheel of the Year. As you may know, I have held fire ceremony for many years on the Equinoxes and the Solstices.  Beltane is one of the cross-quarter celebrations.

The qualities of Beltane are mid Spring, fire, balance of the masculine and feminine energies, fertility, new growth. Father sun impregnates mother earth and life begins anew.
Beltane marks the celebration of freeing of our creative fire- the early blossoming of the beginning of summer. It is a highly potent and fertile time to celebrate and intensify the fire of creative juices.

It is a time of magic, joy, nature and possibility and you can feel its vibration tingling in the air. We feel Mother Earth as filled with strong and fertile energy.  All is being conceived and born from her as we head into summer.  All of life is bursting with potent fertility and at this point in the Wheel of the year, the potential becomes conception, whether you’re looking to conceive a child, enjoy fruitfulness in your career or creative endeavors, or just see your garden bloom.

In ancient tradition, on May Eve, the sexuality of life and the earth is at its peak. Abundant fertility, on all levels is the central theme.  The maiden goddess reaches her fullness.  She is the manifestation of growth and renewal.  Flora, the Goddess of Spring, the May Queen.  The Stag King or the Green Man, falls in love with her and wins her hand.    Together the May Queen and the May King are symbols of the Sacred Marriage (or Heiros Gamos), the union of sacred feminine and masculine within each one of us.

This is a potent moment in the Wheel of the Year to celebrate and deepen your intentions and dreams you are called to manifest into your life.

I warmly invite you to this Ritual celebration of the earth seasons based on the Celtic Wheel of the Year.

Wednesday, May 1

6pm – 8

Potluck Supper (bring a dish to share)

Still Point Interfaith Retreat Center

Open to Men, women and children who can hold ritual space

for directions:


I am really excited to share this particular celebration holding the vision and intention of synergetic alignment with brothers and sisters across the world who are also celebrating Beltane in their communities.

We will be gathering at Still Point Interfaith Retreat Center off of Saratoga Lake.
The celebration will be beyond the Welcome House around the Fire Circle, weather permitting.  If it is raining, we will be indoors in the Welcome House, so this will happen rain or shine!

The intention for our Beltane celebration is to open the gate of the Universal Heart, and receive the new codes of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine to harmonize our inner self and infuse all our creations with the energy of Love.

The ceremony will begin at 6pm so please arrive early to be welcomed into the sacred gates, and to create a flower crown.  We will begin with song and dance and honoring of the directions.  A special ritual of celebrating the sacred union of masculine and feminine energies.  A beautiful practice that captures the energy of Beltane inviting us to refine our inner feminine and masculine as well as harmonize our relationships.

The ceremony will inclued a shamanic journey to align with the energy of Beltane to drum the new awareness of BEING and infuse our DOING
(all our creations) with LOVE.

You are warmly invited to bring your drum or rattle (if you have one) and some flowers to adorn your head.

This circle is open to all brothers, sisters and children who can hold ritual space.

Please bring some food to share afterwards and something to sit on outdoors.

The sacred investment is $10-$20 donation to Still Point.

Please let me know if you will be coming by emailing me at

With love and blessings,


About Lin
I offer a range of Mind-Body-Emotion-Spirit therapies centered around your support needs with the intention to help you illuminate your present, repair the past and create a new path to your future in alignment with your true self.  My main support is around wellness and empowerment .  Also part of my sacred offering is to ground the New Earth frequencies aligning with the energy of the moon cycles and the seasons.
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“Lin is a mystic,  soul coach and a ritualist.  I have been attending her ceremonies for years and each time I come away with a little more magic and joy.”
– Dan Brown

“Lin is an exceptional healer.  She is authentic, humble, fun and warm.  She brings fantastic insights, and she really gets people and their spiritual journeys.  Doing both group and individual sessions with her, she creates an incredibly deep meditative healing space.  I can highly recommend working with her, she knows her stuff.”

“Lin was so inspirational to me in starting my new business and she really pushed me to folllow my passion.  Lin really works from the heart and she exudes such great energy that I always left her office feeling more creative and free.  It was becasue of Lin that I started my website and my business has flourished from there.  Lin not only helped me in my career but she was very supportive in my desire to live in the present moment while healing certain aspects of my past.
-Maria Billis

Lin Murphy, MA

Lin is the founder and writer of
Wisdom, Wellness and Wonder, a spiritual leader,
teacher, Priestess and ritualist with a deep love for
working with the earth and lunar energies and for
working with women's circles and the powerful
transformational energy of the Divine feminine.
Learn more at Lin@linmurphy.com

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