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Aging is indeed challenging and it requires our strongest inner core to come forward to help us survive- and thrive –during these life stages. However, it is also a time of great opportunity for spiritual, emotional and psychological
growth. Over the past seven years,  I have been partnering with The Institute for Noetic Sciences to address these challenges and opportunities. We have found that people are yearning to engage in dialog together on these issues. They are looking for guidance, connection, and community to help fortify themselves for their aging years. That is what the Conscious Aging program is designed to provide. Participants are encouraged to relate to topics such as forgiveness, self compassion, surrender, life review and creating a new vision for aging from their own subjective experiences. This, combined with the research based inspirational ideas from The Institute for Noetic Sciences (IONS) creates an engaging workshop.

Facilitators: Lin Murphy and Linda McKenney
Thursdays,  April 12- May 31 2018,   1-3pm.

We offer this through Empire State College, the Academy for Lifelong Learning.
Call them to receive the brochure and instructions to register.
Vera Kasson, Empire State College
518-587-2100  x2415

If you are interested, but want to know more about the course before registering, come to a one hour introductory workshop.
You do not have to commit to sign up for the course, but can if you like.
Just come!

Conscious Aging Orientation
March 29, 2018
1-2 pm
Empire State College
113 West Ave.  Room 145
Saratoga Springs, NY
Fee: Free! Yeah! Yippee.
RSVP to Lin Murphy ,

Definition of IONS Conscious Aging

Examining our emotional, psychological and spiritual
responses to the challenges and opportunities of aging so that we
live with an open and accessible heart, regardless of the external
circumstances we may encounter.

Lin is the founder and writer of
Wisdom, Wellness and Wonder, a spiritual leader,
teacher, Priestess and ritualist with a deep love for
working with the earth and lunar energies and for
working with women's circles and the powerful
transformational energy of the Divine feminine.
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