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I help visionaries and change makers who are on fire to make a difference with their life experience and earned wisdom to find and use their true voice, so they can weave the new tapestry for the next phase of their lives.

In these challenging times it is easy to feel anxious and isolated.

My intention  is to co-create with you.  I will share practices so you can return to your own sense of wisdom, wellness and wonder.

The tools:   practical resources,  spiritual practice , guided meditation and deep listening.

“Within you
there is a stillness and
a sanctuary
to which you
can retreat
at any time
be yourself.”

I look forward to hearing from you.


Lin is the founder and writer of Wisdom, Wellness and Wonder, a Spiritual Leader, teacher,
with a deep love of working with the earth and lunar energies and for working with women’s circles and the powerful energy of the Divine Feminine.